2018-04-17 Session Notes (Elephant Collective)

A morning session with British songwriter/harpist Xerephine on her song “Take Me (working title)”. Percussion virtuoso Darren Garvey adds a second round of textures and beats using soleri bells, a bowed glockenspiel and dumbek.

George Lacson sets lighting and cameras to test run an intra-session live stream video series tentatively titled, Conversations Inside The Music.

Producer Dango Rose suggests adding an electric guitar line to finish off the mix. Using a 1957 Les Paul Junior Special, Garvey and Lacson record multiple takes as Xerephine, Dango and producer Evan Reeves exit the studio due to pre-existing commitments.

Later that evening Reeves hosts an overdub session with Dango on his new songs, “Life’s Too Short” and “Caged Light.” The session takes a turn when Reeves starts fingerpicking Mississippi John Hurt’s “Louis Collins” on a 1967 Guild F30. Rose quickly joins in on a 1913 Gibson A mandolin. From there an hour long hypnotic jam on a hard swinging G and Am progression mirrors the time elapse of an alien abduction as both players feel like a minute had passed while in reality it was over an hour. #alienaudience

Before midnight Rose and Reeves managed to run the lyrics for the aforementioned songs, setting up a future vocal session with he and The Kenz.

Percussion > White Omni and Soundelux iFET7 > Daking 52270 > Manley ELOP

Guitar > DI > Telefunkin v72a > Distressor




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